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 The first step for scheduling any service is a Consultation to identify your dog’s specific needs and create a personalized plan. We use balanced training methods in our programs. For more details about our training style, methods, or background, please review the MEET THE TEAM page and FAQ page.


Each service is detailed below. To schedule a Consultation, complete the contact form at the bottom of this page. Please note, some services are only offered to existing clients. We look forward to meeting you soon!



New clients start here! All services require a Consultation to ensure your dog will be a great fit for our pack and/or training program!


During this 1-hour session, we will:

  • Evaluate leash and social skills, home structure and overall understanding of boundaries, rules and limitations.

  • Explain how to effectively communicate with your dog in a way they’ll understand. 

  • Demonstrate how to clearly and fairly set expectations (and follow through!)

  • Review our policies for our programs.

  • Create a personalized training plan and discuss how to move forward based on your dog’s individual needs.


After the consultation, you’re able to join our community which includes ongoing support and guidance between training sessions, training camp days and first dibs on upcoming classes and events!

$200 In Person

$75 Virtual



Training Session

Dogs of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to participate in Private Training Sessions! Whether you’re interested in having your dog join Day Camp, completing basic training, working on nuisance behaviors or just want to improve the relationship between you and your dog, you’ve come to the right place! 


In this 1 hour and 15 minute session, you will receive: 

  • 1:1 attention and expertise on dog behavior and psychology.

  • Personalized training plan. 

  • Recommendations on tools and resources to meet your dog’s individual needs.


Sessions typically take place at our Arroyo Grande facility, but can be arranged at your home or any location in SLO county (with a mileage fee). We also recommend being prepared to take notes! The last 15 minutes of the session are reserved to review key points of the training plan, reflect and answer any questions!

$150 In Person

$75 Virtual

4, 6, or 8 session packages offered at discounted rates.



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Board and Train

Minimum required Board and Train duration is 3 weeks/21 days. 


The service includes:​

  • Daily videos to show you what your dog is working on with us and how you can follow through once theyre home. 

  • Weekly mid stay training sessions to ensure you are learning alongside your dog. These sessions can be virtual or in person depending on your location. 

  • 1 go home session and 1 virtual follow up session a week later.

  • Unlimited access to our once monthly B&T alumni support classes for continued assistance. 


We will only be offering this program to dogs who do not show signs of aggression towards other dogs or to humans. If you are struggling with those behaviors, we recommend our training session or day train options as a better fit for you and your dog to work through those behaviors side by side. 


This program is a great fit for you and your dog if you have a dog who:

  • Is a puppy with all puppy shots completed looking to get a great start at life.

  • Struggles with reactivity, overexcitement, lack of impulse control.

  • Needs a tune up on obedience, leash skills, off leash skills.

  • Is over 6 month old and ready to start ecollar training for off leash freedom, etc.

  • Is fearful or shut down and needs a confidence boost and proper socialization to come out of their shell. 

If you dont see your needs listed here, reach out and were happy to find a program that will work for you and your pup!


3 week minimum- longer stays available.



Home School or Field Trip with Bonnie or Natalie.

This is like a combo between a day train and a private training session, at a lower price point. 

Home School:  We come to your home! We created this program to take some of the responsibility off of your shoulders as far as training the basics of in home manners, patterns, and obedience! For example, door manners, stopping fence fighting, place with distractions, stopping counter surfing, reactivity in your neighborhood, etc. After all, most issues that our clients are struggling to work through are created and practiced in the home or immediate neighborhood/ surrounding areas most often. So, why not hire a trainer to come tackle those issues at the source?

Field Trip: Does your dog need work on focusing in public, settling down in new environments, or just generally needs more exposure and socialization than youre able to give them? Do you have specific training goals out in public that we can help you accomplish? If yes, then Field trips are a great option for you. 

This service includes:

  • A 60 minute in home/neighborhood "home school" session or a 6o minute "field trip" outing to a local location. 

  • We come to you! Mileage included if youre in SLO or the 5 cities. You do not need to be home for this service. We will pick up and drop off, and update you along the way!

  • Video demonstrations to show what we worked on and how you can practice while were not there.



Group Classes


E-Collar Drop Off Program

This is a 3 day ecollar program to condition your dog to a tone recall, and to the stimulation as a push/pull pressure that your dog will understand how to turn on and off through movement.


  • Drop your dog off to us Monday morning, then pick up your dog Wednesday evening. (If your dog is not crate trained, this program can be done as 3 field trips in a row starting Monday, and a training session after the last field trip on Wednesday.)

  • At pick up we will do a 1 hour go home session to teach you how to follow through with the training we've been working on for the past 3 days.

  •  Each day we will take videos of what were working on and send them to you so you can follow along with your dogs progress.

$700-Mini Educator Ecollar included.

Fill out contact form to book. 


Dynamic Walk
with Karina or Bailey.

Our dynamic dog walking service ensures that your dog gets physical AND mental exercise, structure AND freedom, play AND down time. This service is sure to leave your dog fulfilled and ready to nap the rest of the day away in the comfort of their own home.

This service includes:

  • A 1hr outing in your yard/neighborhood/or park within walking distance. 

  • Long line or Flexi walk with structured heeling time, free time to sniff, recall practice, food or toy rewards depending on what your dog likes, reinforcement of threshold boundaries and basic manners/obedience throughout their outing.

  • Consistency! Monday through Friday available outings at an agreed upon time. We come to you! No need to be present for this service, just let us know how to access your pup for pickup/drop off.

  • Video updates or pictures to show your pup enjoying themselves and learning lots during their outing.




Group Classes


Group classes meet on Saturdays at 10am at Meadow Park in SLO unless otherwise specified. Each class is 1hr in duration.

Current Month Offerings:​

  • April 6th- No Class-RAIN.

  • April 13th FREE Community Pack Walk-Meadow Park in San Luis Obispo.

  • April 20th-Horse Desensitization and Habituation-SDA HQ in Arroyo Grande.

  • April 26th- Agility/Confidence Building-SDA HQ in Arroyo Grande.

You must first complete an in person or virtual consultation with us and be fit with proper training tools to be eligible to participate in our group classes.

$45 per dog per class.


*If your pup has absolutely no behavioral issues and meets all our Group Class requirements on our FAQ page, ask about our 20 minute group class eval for $45.


Yeehaw Dog Club

A monthly membership that gives you and your dog access to weekly training support, and a fun, safe, likeminded training community.

  • San Luis Obispo's First ever trainer run pet dog club.

  • Meets every Monday night at 6pm for a different training activity. Location varies. 

  • Access to our private instagram club group chat.

  • Free branded slip lead and club sticker at sign up.

  • Subject/activity of the night is ever changing depending on what its members need/want to work on that week.

  • Question/anser time set aside at the end of each night. Ask anything, learn from others inquiries!

$75/Month (per dog)

-Non Member Drop in: $45/class (per dog)


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