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Hi, I'm Bonnie, owner, founder, and head trainer at SLO DOG ADVENTURES. I've been in business here on the Central Coast since 2016. I am licensed, insured & bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas, CPR certified, and I am a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. I have learned everything I know about dogs through my hands on learning approach and my urge to better communicate and understand animals. I have attended and participated in many training classes, workshops and seminars, and shadow programs/mentorships such as:

- Oregon Tails "Student of the Dog" Scapoose OR 2019 

-Brandon Fouche "The Fouche Way" Virtual Seminar 2019

-Tactical Explosive Detection K9-Shadow Program- Vandenberg AFB 2020

-Jay Jack "Play is the Way" Pasadena CA 2021

-Jonas Black- Shadow Program. Santa Barbara CA 2021

-Oregon Tails "Fundamentals"  Templeton CA 2021

-Larry Krohn, Joel Silverman, Jay Jack. Irvine CA 2021

-Cheri Wulff Lucas "Learn to Lead" Templeton CA 2022

-Brian Agnew "Understanding Drives" Oakley UT 2022

-Brian Agnew Mentorship Program. Oakley UT 2022

-Dogtastic Training- Intro to Nosework, Intro to Odor, Continuing Odor 2022.

-The Service Dog Connection- Pre Public Access Skills Seminar 2022

-Jay Jack Seminar @Canis Ranch Santa Clarita CA 2022

-Pete Stevens/Lily Strassberg The Scentsable K9- "Canine Cognition Assessment" Seminar. San Luis Obispo CA 2023

-Buck Brannaman "Horsemanship 1", Santa Ynez CA 2023

-Kellie Connell "Switch to Play", "Engagement and Obedience", "Performance Workshop", Gilroy CA 2023.

-The Biokinetic K9 "Fitness and Conditioning" Seminar, San Jose CA 3023

-Oregon Tails Fundamentals, Scappoose OR 2023 

-Mike Chappell "Groundwork/ Horsemanship" Workshop Alfalfa OR 2023

-Pete Stevens the Scentsable K9- 4 Element Live Coaching.  Paso Robles CA

Because dog training is my passion and not just a "job" for me, I will always make it a priority to stay open minded, and to keep learning how to effectively use new techniques, ideologies, and tools to better help my clients and their dogs.

I was born and raised in Arroyo Grande, CA. I have always been an animal lover and a lover of the outdoors. Growing up, I had many family dogs and a wide variety of other pets that I adored and loved, ranging from birds, rodents, reptiles, horses, and pigs to critters I found in our yard like caterpillars and butterflies. My hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and basically anything that includes a good workout, animals, and being in nature. I started this business so that I could ditch my office job and truly enjoy what I do for work. Better yet, so I could make a difference in people's lives by providing a service that so many people need.  


I want everyone to have a dog that is enjoyable and easy to get along with in the home, as well as when you are out on the town or in nature. This means your dog must learn to be calm yet eager to work for you, while respecting boundaries and responding to social cues. With consistency in our programs, and follow through from owners, we can create a happy, balanced, and functional dog together. 





Natalie is our assistant trainer; she helps with board and trains, boarding, group classes, and offers her experience and expertise in service dog training though a handful of our other services.

Natalie graduated from Cal Poly with her degree in animal science, where she took courses such as animal nutrition and animal welfare and ethics. She played horse polo on Cal Poly’s team and served as horse manager for the team’s 30 horses. In her free time, she volunteered at both The Marine Mammal Center and The Central Coast Aquarium. During school, Natalie adopted Moonshine, her husky mix, who sent her headfirst into the world of dog training. 


Towards the end of her college career, Natalie began volunteering for a service dog program where she discovered that dog training is her true calling, even though she already knew she wanted to work with animals. Natalie spent two years working as a trainer for the service dog program where she trained dozens of different service dogs including mobility, psychiatric, and medical alert and response dogs. Her personal service dog is a mobility, medical alert, and psych dog that she fully trained herself. Natalie also trained pets and therapy dogs during her time with the organization. 


Natalie is very passionate about dog sports, and she trains mainly in Schutzhund with her German Shepherd, Kahlua. They also compete in nosework and dock diving together and have trained in other sports such as agility. Outside of training, Natalie loves to hike and go to the beach with her dogs, or stay at home and cuddle with her cat, Aurora. Even Aurora has a snappy recall!


Morgan is our office assistant. She is the first person you'll talk to when you submit a contact form or send us an email. She has a friendly and bright personality that you'll be sure to enjoy as she helps get you set up for success and on our schedule. 

Morgan is a dedicated animal lover who enjoys traveling to new destinations, savoring quality time with their fiance in Arroyo Grande, and unwinding on the beach. She loves spending her weekends doing yoga and hanging with her two cats, Fuego and Fumo. She is excited about being a part of the Slo Dog Adventures team. 



Karina is an aspiring dog trainer. For now, she is learning a lot from us and is a part of our dog walking / check in team. She has a great work ethic, is reliable, happy, and cares about fine details. 

Karina is all about animals, especially dogs and horses. Her love for dogs grew exponentially when she got her border collie, Lady May, in 2021. Ever since then, her life has changed because she discovered her passion for dogs. In 2021, she began working as a kennel technician at a local animal hospital where she gained experience caring for animals. Outside of work, you can find her riding her horse, Drifter, and alongside him, you will find May who is always tagging along. 


Bailey is an aspiring dog trainer. For now, she is learning a lot from us, and is a part of our dog walking/ check in team. She is always eager to lend a helping hand, is curious, and is a leader by nature. 

Bailey is originally from South Lake Tahoe, but she moved to SLO in 2018 to pursue her degree in kinesiology. Growing up, her family always had dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments, from Pugs and Bulldogs to Labs and German Shepherds. When she left for college, her heart ached for a dog of her own. As a graduation gift, her grandma bought her her first personal pup. Zazu is a now one year old Aussie who has brought so much joy and purpose to her life. Since starting her training journey with Zazu, she has realized she's most passionate about working with dogs and helping them become great companions. When she isn't loving on or training Zazu, she enjoys hot yoga, tinkering with her plants, and caring for her two lion head bunnies. 



Willie is a 1.5 year old German Shepherd/Husky who is goofy, playful, kind, and as happy go lucky as can be. We adopted him when he was 8 weeks old from a local rescue (Second Chance at Love in Templeton). He is our main Demo Dog for training sessions and group classes because he is down for anything and loves to work. His favorite things to do are mountain biking, running full speed through the waves at the beach, or playing tug with mom. He's a joy to have around and to know him is to love him.


Jade is an 8 year-old mini Aussie. She was adopted at 9 months old after being relinquished by her previous owner for behavioral issues. We knew that she was just misunderstood and needed more leadership in order to flourish. She has been a very sweet, eager to please, and loyal companion ever since. She is called the "assistant trainer" by many because she is always at the ready to help teach and assist any/every dog in our program. When she isn't working, she loves to be right by mom's side in the outdoors, or sunbathing on the porch.



Pepper is a 4 year old mini long haired dachshund. We adopted her when she was a year old from a family in our area who could no longer care for her. Today she is an important part of our pack. She assists in training adult dogs and puppies alike and shows that little dogs need to be given space and respect too. She is quite the little firecracker and has been kindly nicknamed "Pepper Spray" because of it. She loves to train and learn new tricks, or join the big dogs in whatever activity they're doing with ease. She is also the sweetest and most cuddly dog you'll ever meet, and she loves nothing more than to curl up with you after a long day of work. 

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