Hi, I'm Bonnie, owner, founder, and head trainer at SLO DOG ADVENTURES. I've been in business here on the Central Coast since 2016. I am licensed, insured, bonded, CPR certified, and I am a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. I have learned everything I know about dogs because of my hands on learning approach and my urge to better communicate and understand animals. I have attended and audited many training workshops and seminars, shadowed fellow canine professionals any chance I get, read books and listened to podcasts on dog psychology and behavior in my free time, and practiced years of trial and error to gain the knowledge and skills that I have now.  I will always make it a priority to keep learning how to effectively use new techniques, ideologies, and tools to better help my clients and their dogs.

I was born and raised in Arroyo Grande, CA. I have always been an animal lover and a fan of the outdoors. Growing up I had many family dogs, and a wide variety of other pets that I adored and loved, ranging from birds, rodents, snakes, horses, and pigs. My hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, archery, horseback riding, kayak fishing, and basically anything that includes a good workout, animals, and being outside breathing in that fresh Central Coast air. I started this business so that I could ditch my office job, and truly enjoy what I do for work. Better yet, actually make a difference in peoples lives, by providing a service that so many people need. What gives me the most fulfillment is helping dogs become better communicators with each other through guidance and the use of the pack at my  day camp program, and guiding their owners to become better leaders by helping them understand dog behavior and psychology through private training sessions. I want everyone to have a dog that is enjoyable and easy to get along with in the home, as well as when you are out on the town or in nature. This means your dog must learn to be calm, and confident while respecting boundaries and responding to social cues. With consistency in the pack, and follow through from the owner, we can create a balanced dog together, that can be enjoyed and trusted whether it be on a hike, at a restaurant patio, the beach, dog park, or just relaxing at home.





Jade is a 6 year-old mini Aussie. She was adopted at 9 months old, after being relinquished by her previous owner for behavioral issues. We knew that she was just misunderstood, and needed more leadership in order to flourish. She has been a very sweet, eager to please, and loyal companion ever since. She is called the "assistant trainer" by many, because she plays a key role in helping regulate energy and maintain structure at day camp. She also assists with client private training sessions. She is a top hand. When she isn't working, she loves hiking, running along side a mountain bike, sunbathing, or cuddling her family.


Shy is a 2 year-old Husky, who came to us after a hard first year and a half of life. After being involved in a hit and run car accident at 6 months old, her leg was broken beyond repair. Her veterinarian took an X-ray to prep for surgery, and found that she was also pregnant with a litter of puppies. She was then fostered for a year, where she developed an array of behavioral issues, from having a bite record, to resource guarding, and leash reactivity. She was eventually brought to us so that she could start to get some help from professionals. Her training journey has been slow and steady since we adopted her. She has learned to no longer use her teeth on other dogs, she can trust that her food, bed, and home are safe and constant so she no longer feels the need to protect them, and she now understands that walks on the leash are a fun learning and bonding experience for her and her family, instead of being scary and stressful. She has a really calm and stoic demeanor, but can also be extremely sweet and goofy. She loves to join her family on hikes, and even bike rides with the assistance of a backpack that she happily rides in when she gets too fatigued.



Clyde is a 6 year-old cat that is often seen roaming the training/day camp facility, or napping in the sun by the dog social yard. He loves greeting all clients, human and canine alike, by rubbing up against them and giving a friendly meow. This cat really is fearless. He has helped countless clients dogs overcome their fear of cats, or helped to teach boundaries if needed. During his night shift, he helps control the rodent population on the 5 acres he lives on.


Brian is our head pack leader. He has a calm and kind personality that the dogs are drawn to. His dog handling skills were already pretty good before working for us, but his knowledge of dog behavior and psychology has grown exponentially since joining the SLO DOG ADVENTURES team. You can spot him driving the company van around town as he picks up and drops off pack members for day camp. In his free time he enjoys wood working projects, cooking and baking, mountain biking or road biking, swimming, and running. We enjoy having Brian on our team, and watching him learn and grow alongside the pack.



Brecon is our assistant boarding manager and social media content creator. He enjoys the mental and physical aspect of working with dogs, and finds that he learns something new every time he is at the other end of the leash. His passion for photography and his effortless creativity makes him the perfect fit to help out with all things social media. When he isn't working with us he's working to reach goals in his career in the Air Force. In his free time, he loves cooking, staying fit at the gym, camping, biking, and sunset watchin' with family and friends. Were lucky to have Brecon as part of our team!


Mariah is our assistant trainer. She is, among other things, a proud animal lover. She brings 8 years of experience to the team, along with the patience, balanced energy, and pack leadership that comes with training younger dogs for the majority of her career thus far. Although her specialty and passion is in training puppies, she is more than capable of handling and training all the dogs that the SLO DOG ADVENTURES pack brings her way. She loves helping dogs of all ages grow and learn how to be the best canine family members possible, and firmly believes that everyone willing should have a dog in their family, and it's her goal and dream to help make that possible. She is a Central Coast local, born and raised in Orcutt  and now resides in Nipomo with her fiancé, on a property with 4 dogs, 6 cats, 2 horses, and too many chickens to count. She loves spending her free time outdoors, soaking up the fresh air and sun, on foot, bike, ATV, or horseback, and you will rarely find her doing these things without a dog or two in tow. Mariah is excited to be a part of the team, and we are even more excited to offer more to our clients with the energy and enthusiasm she brings!