How do I get my dog involved in Day Training Camp?

Just hit the LOG IN button at the top right corner of any page, complete the sign up form, and follow the instructions in the email that you receive at that time. Be sure to fill out the "Day Camp" contract option to fill out and return to us.


How do I get my dog involved with your training program? 

Just hit the LOG IN button at the top right corner of any page, complete the sign up form, and follow the instructions in the email that you receive at that time. Be sure to select the "Private Training" contract option to fill out and return to us.


What are the qualifications for any dog wanting to join our Day Camp pack?

Your dog must be spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccinations including bordetella (kennel cough), rabies, and leptospirosis, be friendly with other dogs of all breeds and sizes, and be friendly with humans. Each dog must also complete a consultation where we go over the necessary training that we will use to communicate with your dog at day camp such as: place, kennel, loose leash walking, recall, leave it, load up, and boundaries at thresholds with spatial pressure.


Is there a waitlist? 

Yes, currently we are booking out 1-4 weeks for day camp due to the nature of how we integrate dogs into the pack. You can also expect about the same wait time for a consultation or a training session. Contact us sooner rather than later to get this process started to get your dog on our waitlist.


Does weather restrict your services?

Yes, if the weather calls for extreme heat, or extreme rain or wind, we may reschedule our services.


Are there any scheduling requirements or commitments? 

Yes, each pack member that joins our day camp must commit to joining one day a week AT MINIMUM. If you cannot commit to this frequency, we may not be the right fit for you and your dog. 


For private training sessions, we suggest scheduling every week or every other week depending on the dogs capabilities/owners availability.



What does a typical day at Day Camp look like?

Each dog is picked up in our work van, and transported to our location in the morning between 9am-11am, We then kennel each dog just outside of our social yard until their energy is calm and attentive to our trainers, we then bring each dog into the social yard one by one to ensure each dog is integrating into that days pack successfully and doesnt need any extra attention or guidance, once each dog has had time to go potty, socialize, and interact with our trainers for a while, we leash all the dogs up and take them for a pack hike around our 5 acre property, when we get back from our pack hike we have the whole pack participate in "nappy hour" where they basically do a 30 minute place stay on the beds in the social yard, we then release each dog calmly and allow for more socializing and interacting with our trainers until it is time to be loaded up in our van and dropped off at home between 3:30pm and 5pm.


What training methods do you use?

We use balanced training methods. This means we both reward behaviors that we like, and punish behaviors that we do not like. We use rewards to encourage behaviors that we like by adding verbal or physical praise, food, release of spatial pressure or leash pressure, freedom, or play. We also use punishment to discourage behaviors that we dont like by adding verbal disagreement, increasing spatial pressure or leash pressure, or taking away freedom, or the option to play. We focus on a calm and state of mind, and building confidence through guidance and support as our pack members or training clients navigate through their environment.


What is your cancellation/late policy? 

Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the service or the full amount will be charged. Clients who are late to training sessions will receive the remainder of the hour time slot of the training session, NOT a full hour starting a the time of arrival.


Where are you located/What is your service area? 

We are located in Arroyo Grande, CA. 


Our service area is the 5 cities and San Luis Obispo. If you live outside of our service area, we invite you to travel to us for Day Camp, and Private Training Sessions.