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Our Philosophy.

We believe that to have a great relationship with your dog with trust and respect, you must build it through daily guidance and clarity, exercise and play, discipline and structure, plus love and affection of course.


We love nothing more than seeing our clients enjoying their lifestyle with their dogs in tow, and seeing dogs be truly fulfilled by their owner. That is our goal for every client that we work with! We know that only when everyone in the relationship is having their needs met, you can find true balance in your pack.


We think that every dog, young or old, regardless of breed or baggage can benefit from balanced training, proper socialization, and true genetic fulfillment. Thats why we offer so many options for you and your pup to experience these things in a way that sets them up for success.


What "Balanced Training" Means To Us.

We know that every dog is different and unique, so we always take the time to test what your dog is most responsive to so that we can choose the most effective tools and methods for your dogs specific needs.


We always prioritize making sure that our dogs state of mind and overall expression is positive, happy and willing. Our methods use all 4 quadrants of operant conditioning to ensure the most possible clarity during our training sessions, and beyond with our dogs. 


We both reward behaviors that we like, and discourage behaviors that we do not like. We believe that it is important to educate our clients on how to effectively use both reinforcers so that they can have these tools in their back pockets no matter what training scenario life throws at them and their dogs.

No cookie cutter programs or methods here! We do what works best for each individual dog/human team. 



"Low key
dog whisperer"

"Life Changing"

Bonnie is amazing. I have an exuberant Labrador retriever that has had behavior problems at home and when boarding at another local facility. Since we have started with Bonnie, he has become a much more balanced dog as part of the SLO dog adventures pack, and I have more tools to help him be calm and balanced at home. Bonnie’s help has been life changing for my family.

Bonnie is a low-key dog whisperer. She just has a way of making the whole pack gel into a respectable, responsible and cohesive unit. If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog exercised while you’re busy working, give SLO Dog Adeventures a try!!

Shannon Easton-Carr

Brett Werner

"No Nonsense"

Bonnie is an absolutely phenomenal, no nonsense dog trainer and human educator. She has singlehandedly given me the courage, support, knowledge and accountability to become a strong leader to my 2 rescue dogs. I don’t care how many dogs I have in this lifetime, as long as her doors are open I will go to her and her only.

Justine Lowry

What Our Clients Say:

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