How it started, and how its going.


SLO Dog Adventures started in 2016 as a pack walking and boarding service. Back then you could find us on a hiking trail in San Luis Obispo with a pack of 15 dogs in a perfect on leash follower position, or off leash with great recall, impressing everyone who passed by.


As we grew to be more well known in the area, we started getting requests for training with people saying " I want my dog to walk on a leash like that" or " I wish my dog had recall like that" or "Id like my dog to ignore other dogs, squirrels, birds, lizards, etc on a walk like that". So, in order to fill a need, and offer the best and most ethical training service possible, we took a couple years to learn every tool, technique, and method out there, and we would practice every day and trouble shoot with our pack of daily hikers. We truly believe that practice makes perfect and that a great trainer should have lots and lots of experience in the field before offering and charging money for any service.


Fast forward to current day SLO Dog Adventures, where we have enhanced our client experience even further to fulill all your dogs needs. We now offer structured dog day camp, balanced dog training in the form of private training sessions, group classes, or 9-5 bootcamp, boarding, shadow programs, and we offer a shadow program or business consulting to up and coming trainers or owners wanting to expand their knowledge.



We look forward to meeting and working with you! Lets reach those training goals together!

What "balanced training" means to us.

Through balanced training we are able to create and enjoy harmony in our pack of many different breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments, and backgrounds. We believe that trust, guidance, respect, love, exercise, discipline, and then affection are key foundations when training your way to a balanced relationship with your dog. We love nothing more than seeing our clients enjoying their lifestyle with their dogs in tow, and seeing dogs be truly genetically fulfilled by their owner. We believe that only when everyone in the relationship is having their needs met, you can find true balance. 


What Our Clients Say

"Life Changing"

Bonnie is amazing. I have an exuberant Labrador retriever that has had behavior problems at home and when boarding at another local facility. Since we have started with Bonnie, he has become a much more balanced dog as part of the SLO dog adventures pack, and I have more tools to help him be calm and balanced at home. Bonnie’s help has been life changing for my family.

"Low key dog whisperer"

Bonnie is a low-key dog whisperer. She just has a way of making the whole pack gel into a respectable, responsible and cohesive unit. If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog exercised while you’re busy working, give SLO Dog Adeventures a try!!

"No Nonsense"

Bonnie is an absolutely phenomenal, no nonsense dog trainer and human educator. She has singlehandedly given me the courage, support, knowledge and accountability to become a strong leader to my 2 rescue dogs. I don’t care how many songs I have in this lifetime, as long as her doors are open I will go to her and her only.

Brett Werner

Shannon Easton-Carr

Justine Lowry

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