Day Camp

More than your typical dog day care or dog walking service. We are dog trainers who offer a structured day camp with an exclusive pack of trained and rehabbed balanced dogs. A trainer is always present and engaging with your dog from pick up/drop off in our company transit van, pack hiking on the private hiking trail on our facilities property, and spending time in our 3 social yards. We ensure your dog is socializing, exercising, and resting in an appropriate and healthy way throughout their entire visit with us. When your dog arrives home at the end of the day, your dog will be not only physically fulfilled, but mentally, emotionally and biologically fulfilled as well. 

Balanced training to fit your lifestyle AND your dogs needs. 

With years of hands on experience, continued education, and observation of dog behavior and dog psychology, we are able to create and enjoy harmony in our pack of many different breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments, and backgrounds. We believe that trust, guidance, respect, love, exercise, discipline, and then affection are key foundations when training your way to a balanced relationship with your dog. We would love to help you reach your training goals through our balanced training methods.


What Our Clients Say

"Would highly recommend"

Bonnie has made me feel so good about taking my small older dogs for hikes with her pack. The videos she sends definitely have shown me how much my babies enjoy the time they spend with her. I would highly recommend her - except I don’t want her so overbooked my “littles” get booked out!!

Therese Borneman

"Low key dog whisperer"

Bonnie is a low-key dog whisperer. She just has a way of making the whole pack gel into a respectable, responsible and cohesive unit. If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog exercised while you’re busy working, give SLO Dog Adeventures a try!!


Bonnie is amazing, she really understands how to get a dog to cooperate in a very fun and positive way.

Marion DePaulo

Brett Werner